APPLY FOR: all Hafele Home appliance and E-lock product

E-warranty activation regulation:  please refer here Link 

Step 1: access

Step 2: Fill up all information as below guideline

 (*Customer* is end-consumer )




You are

Please choose one

If you are Hafele's dealer, please choose   "Đại lý (dealer)

Dealer Account

Please fill-up

Only appear when choose “Đại lý (dealer)


Please fill-up

Please help to fill up and check carefully before submit. We will contact you back with the provided information if there is an issue of registation

Phone number

Email Address

Customer address


Format:  XXX.XX.XXX

Ex: 539.81.075

Serial Number

Serial Number is the series next to the Red Lable or next to the Word Serialnumebr/SN that under the barcode

Red Label

Incase you don't know what number is the correct one, please help to attach Photo of all labels on the carton box and Product

Date of purchase

Date of Purchase

Base on the issued date of legal purchase invoice

Note (if any)



Image :

Please attach photo

Include Purchase invoice and all label on Carton Box and On Product


Step 3: click REGISTER - Hafele will inform successfull registered via email and HAFELE SMS BRAND NAME

In case you don't receive the E-warranty Registration Confirmation, please help to wait for our response within 24 hours. If you don't receive any feedback from us after 24h, please email us at for further support  

Sincerely Yours,

Hafele Customer Care



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