Before making the purchase and sale of goods provided by HÄFELE VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (Häfele), Häfele creates the most favorable conditions for customers to access, know, hear and read the conditions and warranty terms ("Policy" or "Warranty Policy") on Häfele's website at: and/or in writing directly at Häfele's wholesale and retail distribution site.

By agreeing to purchase, the customers have listened to/ read this Policy carefully and only make goods transactions when understand and agree to the whole content of the warranty under this Policy.

In case there is a complaint related to the content of the Warranty Policy after the time of making the transaction, Häfele shall only consider settling if there is a reasonable reason and if this Policy contains a provision that violates the prohibition of the law.



Häfele's products and goods that are not subject to the exception warranty in Part B below will be subject to the general warranty policy as follows:


1.     Products are guaranteed full warranty for defective materials or due to manufacturing defects, including repairs and services for a period of 12-36 months from the date of purchase depending on the product.

2.     The exceptions to the warranty period of 05 years (from the date of purchase) apply once to all Häfele-branded sinks and basins, especially Accessories are 2 years.

3.     Accessories, Spare parts without product included: 6-month warranty at Häfele's Authorized Warranty Center (ASC).



1. Terms and coverage of warranty:

The warranty is only provided by technicians of HÄFELE VIETNAM Co., Ltd. (Häfele) or Häfele's ASCs when the following conditions are satisfied:

1.1  The warranty applies to equipment imported by Häfele and distributed through Häfele's retail stores or authorized Häfele agents operating in the territory of Vietnam; and

1.2  The warranty applies to defective products and goods caused by the Manufacturer or defects of Häfele; and

1.3  The warranty requester must present an electronic warranty slip or purchase invoice (from Häfele or from Häfele's authorized agent) upon request of the warranty; and

1.4  The warranty-covered product occurs when the Customer uses it for household consumption purposes and does not serve business or commercial purposes otherwise.

1.5  Products requiring warranty must have a warranty period and are not in cases outside the warranty range.

2.Cases beyond the warranty coverage:

2.1  Cases not covered by the warranty

a)    The warranty period has expired.

b)    Products are not covered by the warranty in Vietnam, except for products covered by a worldwide warranty pursuant to the Häfele Warranty Policy.

c)     The products have been tampered with, abused or damaged during transportation, using.

d)    The products are damaged due to abnormal voltage changes or unstable power supply.

e)    The product is damaged by normal wear and tear, accident, fire, misuse, improper cleaning (including external, internal, sanitary filters), failure to be serviced and maintained properly, inadequate or incorrect installation, incorrect installation, overuse, misuse of manufacturer's design and recommendations, wrong voltage and damage due to external force.

f)            The products are affected by insects, including but not limited to animals such as lizards, cockroaches, mice, etc.

g)    Natural disasters or Force Majeure events, including but not limited to fire or liquid damage.

h)    Spare parts that require replacement during normal use due to wear and tear for product-specific reasons, including accessories. Depletion of consumable components including filters, air bubbles, batteries, and wear and tear of consumable components such as seals or resins.

i)      Cases of breakage (including but not limited to fragile components such as glass, lamps, etc.), scratches, rust, paint peeling, aging, etc. during the use of the products.

j)      Damage to products due to the use of poor-quality batteries for battery powered products (Authentic Alkaline battery series is recommended).

k)     Permissible deviation of the products to achieve their quality objective without affecting the usability of the products.

l)      Use of products for purposes other than intended use 

m)   Cases of warranty products, separately preserved in accordance with Häfele's policies or according to the instructions of each corresponding product type.

2.2Cases not eligible for warranty

a)    The serial number of the appliance or the electronic warranty card has been changed, tampered, or removed.

b)    The products are not being installed, maintained, or operated as recommended by Häfele or the manufacturer.

c)     Excessive use of the product's assigned load and parameters.

d)    The products are defective during installation, repair, intervention, and change of product characteristics, installation of fake components or accessories or dismantling by any other person other than the Häfele technicians or Häfele’s ASC employees.

e)    Failure to provide an appropriate environment for the Products, including but not limited to failure to provide adequate power/water supply, failure of power supply where foreign matter such as penetration of liquid, moisture or dust ingress, excessive heat, scaling (lime), corrosive surroundings from cement factories, livestock farms etc. leading to chemical reaction or product impact.


3.Other terms

3.1  On a case-by-case basis, Häfele may apply additional charges or may refuse to apply the warranty (even within the warranty period) in case the product is installed at locations that render it impossible to be accessed or cause harm to Häfele’s technicians and employees or ASC’s employees.

3.2  Häfele's decision is based on the determination of all causes related to the claim for product defects, damage, or failure.

3.3  Häfele agents, stores, employees, and ASC may not modify or extend the terms of this warranty in any way.

3.4  There should be no claim under this warranty for personal injury, property damage or consequential damage. In the event of a claim for damages arising out of contract and beyond the scope of this Warranty Policy, Häfele is only liable for damages in the event of a defective products supplied by Häfele causing loss of life, health, property of the consumers, except where the defect of the goods cannot be detected with the scientific and technical level at the time when Häfele supplies the same to the consumer. In all cases, the party claiming damages shall be obliged to prove that any loss or damage under this article was caused directly by the fault of Häfele's products.

3.5  Under this warranty, Häfele is responsible for the repair or replacement of the defective product. The warranty does not cover any loss and damage directly or indirectly caused by the products.

3.6  This warranty shall not include product recalls due to any indirect, incidental, special or consequential failure under any circumstances.

3.7  We may inspect any product before replacement.

3.8  All defective, damaged, or defective parts, components or products replaced under this warranty will become the property of Häfele.


4.Replacement of products with new equivalent products in the following cases:

4.1  Unable to fix or fix the product's defects. If the repair or remediation period exceeds 05 consecutive months from the date of receiving the warranty, Häfele accordingly will try to arrange the replacement product with the same function as the defective product and is being required warranty for the Customer to use while waiting for the completion of the warranty.

4.2  Having made a warranty of three (03) times or more for the same error or number of other times as prescribed by Häfele but still failed to fix the error. The determination of the number of warranties made as a basis for changing the same new Product will be reviewed by Häfele and decided by Häfele in each specific case.

5.     Warranty period for the new product: the warranty period for the new product will be the remaining warranty period of the replaced product.

  1. Product replacement method:

Defective products will be replaced with products of the same type with similar features or products of the same type with higher features. On a case-by-case basis, the parties will agree on the remaining value of the defective product to be replaced as a basis for replacement of new equivalent products under this clause. Accordingly, the parties may agree on the difference between the price of the new product and the defective product, and additional payment at the time of product replacement might be required.



 In addition to the provisions of the General Warranty Clause, Häfele will prioritize the application of separate warranty policies and regulations for the products mentioned below:


1.Scope and applicable objects: Applicable to customers who buy goods that are products displayed from Häfele's legitimate dealers and distributors nationwide.


2.Warranty period:


  1. For products with a warranty period of 01 year: the applicable warranty period is 12 months from the date of sale to the last customer but not more than 24 months of warranty from the date of export (whichever comes first).
  2. For products with a warranty period of 02 years: the applicable warranty period is 24 months from the date of sale to the customer  who is the last consumer but not more than 36 months of warranty from the date of export (whichever comes first).
  3. For products with a warranty period of 03 years or more: the applicable warranty period is 36 months from the date of sale to the customer who is the last consumer but not more than 48 months of warranty from the date of discharge (whichever comes first)
  4. Other provisions: The goods on display must meet the conditions and policies in Häfele's General Warranty Clause.



Cases not covered by warranty: In addition to the cases specified in the General Warranty Clause, products of goods that are household electrical appliances will not be covered by warranty if:

Installation and spare accessories attached to the equipment including bas, grills, refrigerator trays, glass components or accessories (such as kitchen glass), etc



1.The defects of products covered by the warranty (when the customer receive and check the products) are as follows:

1.1  Product’s color is not consistent across its surface.

1.2  Defects and cracks due to temperature as well as air bubbles appear on the surface

2.Cases that are not covered by the warranty

2.1   Improper installation, improper drilling holes, cutting and etching errors due to the installation process or the product have been changed from the original.

2.2  Abuse or misuse (damage caused by heavy objects falling into the tub, or placing pots of pans hotter than 1800C in the sink).

2.3  Scratches caused by rubbing shoulders with cleaning pads, abrasions, detergents or other sharp objects. Improper use such as exposure to corrosive chemicals.



For lighting equipment

Cases not covered by the warranty:

ü  A cut or unauthorized connection has been made to the electrical cord attached to the products.

ü  Installation and use do not abide by electrical safety rules.

ü  The total power of lights is lower than the minimum required power of the driver for the 350mA system.

ü  The total capacity of lights exceeds the driver's capacity limits.





1.Warranty repair services at ASC:

1.1  Applicable to Class A products

1.2  List of product classes is published at

1.3  You may contact and directly bring your products to Häfele's ASC nationwide.

1.4  You will pay all costs incurred for repair of replacement parts, fees and other costs (if any) beyond the warranty coverage.

2.Repair, maintenance and warranty services at customers' homes

2.1  Applicable to Products of Group B.

  1. List of Product groups posted at
  2. To be able to use warranty, repair and maintenance services at home, customers contact Häfele directly via hotline 18001797 (toll free). In case the customer contacts ASC, ASC must notify the Häfele hotline before conducting the service at the customer's home. ASC establishes an appointment so that the warranty is most favorable for customers.
  3. The customer will pay all costs incurred for repairs to replacement parts, wages and other expenses (if any) for cases outside the specified warranty.
  4. Applicable to Class B products.
  5. List of product classes is published at https
  6. For warranty, repair and maintenance services at home, please directly contact Häfele hotline 18001797 (toll free). In case you contact our ASC, ASC shall inform the Häfele hotline before performing the services at your house. ASC should set up an appointment most convenient for you.

You will pay all costs incurred for repair of replacement parts, fees, and other costs (if any) beyond the warranty coverage.

  1. Installation at home

1.1  Applicable to Class C products

1.2  List of product classes is published at

1.3  For installation service, please directly contact Häfele hotline 18001797 (toll free). In case you contact our ASC, ASC shall inform the Häfele hotline before performing the service at your home. ASC shall set up an appointment most convenient for you.

1.4  For installation price list, please refer to

1.5  Any additional installation components shall be incurred by customers (if any).



1.Contact information

If you have a request for product warranty or advice on policies related to product warranty, please contact:

ü  Address: 9 Doan Van Bo, Ward 13, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City

ü    Warranty call center: 1800 1797

ü    support@Hä

ü  Website:

ü  From Monday to Sunday / 8:00 – 20:00

  1. Information to be provided
    1. Warranty card (if any).
    2. Purchase invoice.
    3. Information: buyer's name, phone number, contact email.
    4. Description of the defect, damage, or reason for the warranty claim.
    5. Required implementation time.
  2. Warranty time and place
    1. Warranty location: In accordance with standard warranty service policy.
    2. Reply time after receiving request: within 24 hours (except Sunday or public holidays).
  3. Commitment to support policy during warranty processing (if any):
    1. Fulfill the warranty obligations committed to products, components and accessories provided by Häfele.
    2. Provide consumers with a warranty receipt, which clearly states the duration of the warranty.
    3. Replace the products with new equivalent products, components or accessories or recall the products and refund in case the warranty for products, components and accessories has been performed three or more times if the same defect cannot be rectified within the warranty period.

5.Warranty implementation process

ü  Step 1: Receive the requested information.

ü  Step 2: Issue the warranty receipt slip and receive / inspect the Product, check the warranty condition and the scope beyond the warranty.

ü  Step 3: Implement the product warranty, repair beyond the warranty (if any).

ü  Step 4: Hand over the product and sign the handover minutes to record the status after warranty/ repair.






a.    For Class 1 appliances (according to IEC standards) used only with electrical connectors with a ground wire.

b.    Installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (supplied with the product).

c.     There should be sufficient clearance (according to the manufacturer's instructions).

d.    For electric and induction hobs: there should be an insulated compartment with the drawers below.

e.    For gas stoves: Always test for gas leaks with soap or specialized tools immediately after installation.

The product must be cleaned and wiped according to the instructions during use.


a.      The product should be installed in the final stage.

b.      If the product is installed during construction, measures should be taken to cover and wrap the product to avoid damage to the surface of the product.

c.      Clean the sink after use with hot water and detergents. Use a soft towel/cloth to wipe stains; the stains will be easily wiped away.

d.      Common dirt caused by food and easily washable liquids (tea, coffee, juice, etc.) need to be cleaned immediately. Use hot water, detergent and a soft cloth.

e.      Hard-to-remove stains such as ink, oil or paint must be removed immediately using a soft cloth dampened with alcohol and wiped.

f.       Corrosive powders, creams or toxic chemical products must never be used.

g.      During use, there will be a layer of deposit accumulated at the bottom of the sink. This layer will thicken gradually and make the sink prone to stains. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to clean twice a week according to the following procedures:

·        Cover the bottom of the sink and add water mixed with vinegar, soak for a few hours.

·        Use a sponge to scrub the deposit and dirt until they are removed.

·        Rinse with water.

h.      Regularly clean the sink at least 1-2 times/week



  1. Always drain the water in the pipe before connecting the product to avoid the dirt inside the pipe clogging the filter mesh.
  2. Never let the product come into contact with corrosive chemicals such as gasoline, strong detergents, high chlorine concentration, and acetone solvents, acids, benzene, etc. which may rust the product.
  3. Clean the product only with warm soapy water or a soft cloth, and then it can be sprayed and left to dry. This can prevent dirt from settling on the surface of the product after use.
  4. Never allow soap and detergents to dry on the surface of the product.



  1. Most products will be installed in the final stage.
  2. If installed during construction, they should be covered.
  3. Never let dust, stone powder, wall putty fall into or on the surface of the products.
  4. Never let the product come into contact with corrosive chemicals such as gasoline, strong detergents, high chlorine concentration, acetone solvents, acids, benzene, etc.
  5. Recommended chemicals for surface cleaning and product maintenance are RP7, WD40, Autosol with a soft, dry cloth.



  1. Most products will be installed in the final stage.
  2. If installed during construction, they should be covered.
  3. Do not let dust, stone powder, wall putty penetrate or fall on the surface of the products.
  4. Prevent the products from contact with corrosive chemicals such as: gasoline, strong detergents, high concentrations of chlorine, acetone solvents, acids, benzene, etc.
  5. Check and replace Batteries periodically every 3-4 months, use Alkaline Batteries for all products using AA/AAA batteries
  6. It is recommended that customers should leave 01 mechanical key outside your apartment for emergency use.




9 Doan Van Bo Street, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  Hotline: 1800 1797
Mon – Sun / 8:00 – 20:00